Adelaide-based duo Lizzie Bradley and Mehdi El-Aquil deliver an innovative experience of dubbed-out beats laced with free-floating vocals.  The pair bring together their diverse histories, of singing at the iconic Glastonbury festival and DJing in the clubs of the summer in Ibiza.

With their considerable and varied experience and their own unique styles, together they have produced a vibrant and compelling performance. The fusion of layered percussive beats, driving bass & melodic string lines under soaring vocals, results in a deep, hypnotic sound.

Originally out of London, Mehdi DJ’s, produces and writes music. He is deeply involved in the local live community and can regularly be found DJing in the bars and clubs of Adelaide and Melbourne.

With a rich history of singing and recording, including jazz, swing, electronic and world music, Lizzie has performed with numerous bands in Australia, UK and Europe. She writes and produces her own music, which she has performed at numerous gigs and festivals.

To augment the live experience, Zeequil are often accompanied by seasoned drummer and percussionist, Christian Teusner. He has worked and toured internationally with various producers & musicians and elevates the show with his diverse instrumentation.

Lizzie Bradley - lyrics/ melodies/ vocals



  • Studied Performing Arts Honours degree – at Flinders University South Australia
  • Recorded & performed gigs & festivals in Adelaide, Sydney, & around Australia, & also in London & touring the UK & Europe (see www.lizziescott.com) in the following genres & bands:
    •  jazz & swing - Jazz Deco, Lizzie & the Lounge Lizards, Indigo Stomp, The Comets, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Piccadilly Dance Orchestra, Jivin’ Miss Daisy, The Do-Rites & The Boisdales blue rhythm band
    • world music - Lillie White –  played London & festivals including Glastonbury, The Summer Gathering & Mind Body Spirit (UK), & The Wickerman (Scotland)
    • electronic/live - [Mana] - Performed around London
    • electro/world -  ESPtunes produced & recorded tracks
    • electronic/chill-out - Zeequil - when introduced to Mehdi by mutual friend & DJ Sam Walker. Spent 2013 writing & recording their debut album, ‘Here’, which was released in 2014
    • electronic/chill-out - performed & produced original tracks under the name, Lizzie Bradley
    • electronic - Sirins remixed Lizzie's track 'Vertically' for his EP Nimbus

Mehdi El-Aquil - Music producer/ keyboards/ percussion & MPC


Music producer & DJ originally from England

Mehdi has been recording, producing & Djing music for over 20 years
He has played numerous gigs in London, the UK & Europe including summer residencies in Ibiza
Since relocating to Adelaide, he worked with the electronic fusion band, The Elements & he has built up a great following Djing on a regular basis at some of Adelaide's best venues, including Casablabla, Lotus Lounge, Sugar & Udaberri to name a few.

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